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Personal lines carriers

Commercial auto insurers

Specialty insurers


Offering them access to:


Vehicle Driving Data

> 4 million telematics, ELD and mobile device equipped vehicles. Over 50 billion miles of data logged each year by VIN, Class and vehicle weight.



Standardized Driving Scores

ATG FAIR Score driving safety rankings for fleets and individuals.



Verified Vehicle Info

ATG Route Safety IQ verified vehicle VIN, mileage, condition and location data.



Resulting in...

  • Secure exchange of normalized driving and vehicle data with the owner/policyholder
  • Unprecedented visibility into fleet and individual driving risk exposure
  • Understanding of the impact of the driven environment and vehicle characteristics on driving scores
  • Predictive analytics of where the risk is; which vehicles are most likely to be in a collision
  • Better data for better, more streamlined underwriting decisions
  • The ability to apply proprietary rating models to verified driving and vehicle data
  • Retained control of pricing
  • The ability to use detailed driving history data to desk-adjust claims

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