The Driving-Risk Scoring Standard for Auto Insurance

  • A contextual analysis of how a fleet is performing in comparison to other fleets, by class and territory
  • Used by insurance underwriters to better understand and price auto risk
  • Used by businesses and fleets to reduce that risk and improve driving safety

For Fleets 

  • A safety score for the entire fleet (not an individual driver score card) 
  • Highlights areas for improvement 
  • Shows how the fleet safety rating impacts insurance rates

For Insurers

  • The Underwriter’s risk scoring tool
  • A contextual view of a fleet’s driving risk
  • 10X more predictive future losses than any other variable
  • The auto underwriter’s equivalent of a FICO® score



How Does It Work?

  • We take data from telematics devices, on-board systems, OBD dongles, mobile apps and devices…
  • We look at vehicle performance characteristics and safety equipment…
  • Then we layer in contextual data on the driven environment – road service, time of day, local weather, traffic and much more -- over 200 variables…
  • We add in driver behavior…
  • And we compare to fleets of similar SICs and territories to arrive at the FAIR Score

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