The Mobile App with More

  • More than a driver score -- a safety score for the entire fleet
  • More driven environment data and context
  • More accurate vehicle data
  • More predictive of driving risk

For Fleets

  • Comprehensive view of driving risk
  • Understand how vehicle type, routes, time-of-day and other choices impact safe driving scores
  • Know where your fleet ranks on the safe-driving index standard
  • Identify and act on risk factors to improve safety and reduce collisions

Privacy Protected

  • Data shared only with consent of the fleet/vehicle owner
  • Simple electronic signature authorizes release of data
  • Control who sees your fleet’s data and know why
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Route Safety IQ

  • Upload your vehicle information 
  • Input VINs, photos and odometer
  • Synchronize vehicles with fleet management system
  • View comparative safe-driving rankings 

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