Did you know that fleets with active telematics-based management programs experience up to 11% fewer losses due to collisions?

That’s because an active driving safety program helps reduce collision frequency and severity, resulting in lower costs of repairs, driver replacement/retraining, vehicle down time, fines, service interruptions and much more.  An active driving safety program also helps reduce your company’s overall insurance costs, including deductibles, claims settlements and premium expenses.

The good news is your investment in Telogis’ advanced telematics platform gives you all the data you need to identify and act on risk factors to improve safety and reduce collisions, helping you drive down costs at the same time.


The Hidden Costs Of A Collision:



  • The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety’s 2014 Workplace Safety Index, reports that roadway incidents involving motorized land vehicles were the 6th leading cause of workplace injury, accounting for more than $3 billion in direct losses to businesses


  • The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that a non-fatal crash will cost an employer over $70,000. 


  • The total costs of collisions are 2-to-5 times higher than settlements awarded to claimants.

Route Safety IQ®

The Fleet Manager’s Tool for Reducing Driving Risk

To help you better understand driving risk, Telogis has teamed with the ATG Telematics Data Clearinghouse to offer you the free Route Safety IQ® mobile app for driving risk analysis and safety scoring.


  • Complements the data recorded by your Telogis telematics devices
  • Incorporates driver score cards, vehicle characteristics and data on the driven environment (e.g., road type, traffic dynamics and congestion, weather, etc.)
  • Helps you understand how driving choices such as roads and hours traveled impact risk and insurance
  • Calculates an overall fleet driving risk score
  • See at a glance where your fleet stands on a comparative driving risk safety index



Share your driving safety risk score with your insurance carrier for a more accurate auto policy rating and potential savings or safety credits.  For a free copy of the Route Safety IQ mobile app, just click on the QR code or the Google Play store icon below. 



Safety is no accident.  Put your fleet in the fast lane to driving risk reduction

by downloading the Route Safety IQ app today.



Commercial auto insurance carriers with Usage-Based Insurance and/or risk management programs:


Protective Insurance (A Baldwin & Lyons company)

Protective Insurance Company’s Milemarker™ program is a telematics-based program designed to identify speeding and provide driver training, offering a 5% premium discount to all participating motor carriers who agree to implement a driver performance management program.

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CNA Insurance

CNA's Commercial Auto insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by owned, hired and non-owned vehicles used for the business. Program offerings include CNA’s GreenRoads™, which tracks driver behavior, and Driver Distractions.

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EMC Insurance

EMC’s Green Miles IQ™ program is designed to help businesses identify and reduce driving risk, which impacts four major cost areas:  people, fuel, vehicles and repairs.  Through active monitoring and risk calculation, businesses can improve driving performance and safety.

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ERIE Insurance

Helping insureds reduce driving risk and improve safety, ERIE assists businesses in lowering collision frequency, and related costs and losses.  Active driving and business risk assessment puts fleets in control of protecting drivers and profits.

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Grange Mutual Insurance

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