The industry’s largest and best source for telematics and driven environment data.

From factory and after-market equipped cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, commercial trailers, construction equipment, mobile devices, road sensors, crowd-sourced data services and more.

A marketplace where users have access to more than 4.1 million vehicles and over 50 billion miles of driving data to inform risk management, claims analytics and underwriting.


What we do

Working with the world's leading telematics service providers, OEMs, mobile apps and a variety of other sources, we tap into data from >65% of the commercial use vehicles on the road today

  • Gather data on driving performance and the driven environment
  • Validate, normalize, and standardize this data
  • Offer data analytics to simplify risk analysis
  • Easily integrate data into insurers’ underwriting and rating systems
  • Provide comparative safe-driving index rankings and FAIR Score fleet driving safety score
  • Establish a scoring standard for rating and pricing auto insurance
  • Enable insurers to improve segmentation and maintain proprietary rating models

For Commercial, and Specialty Lines Auto Insurers

  • We put Underwriters in the right-hand seat, with a view of how, when and where vehicles are driven
  • We simplify data collection and analysis, leading to better risk assessment and streamlined underwriting
  • We help Loss Prevention professionals spot trends and recommend actions
  • We aid Claims in more quickly adjusting and more economically settling claims
  • We help insurers retain good customers and unlock New Business Marketing opportunities
  • We provide better data for better business decisions

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For Self-Insured Fleets

  • A Comprehensive view of true driving risk that improves fleet safety and saves money
  • Minimize capital reserves… how much is enough? Well, how much risk do you have?
  • Improved loss estimates… more predictive risk analysis results in more accurate loss projections
  • Better estimate re-insurance thresholds… how much risk to retain is a balancing act
  • Active driving safety management and monitoring reduces Workers’ Comp risk as well

What Type of Data do We Provide?

  • Validated VINs, vehicle make and history
  • Driven mileage, garage location, radius of operation
  • Traffic dynamics, congestion and incidents
  • Posted speed limits and historical flow speeds
  • Road-weather and temperature
  • Collision data by road and class
  • And much more... Contact Us to request our full data dictionary.

Privacy Protected

  • Vehicle and fleet data are shared only with consent of the fleet/vehicle owner upon a request from an insurer
  • The Clearinghouse is a trusted repository of data, safeguarding access and protecting data integrity
  • Open systems and open standards that permit portability and transparency

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